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Digitsole is the world leader in connected footwear.
We integrate electronics into footwear to offer consumers more functions to bring significant comfort and well-being.

Sport Profiler running cycling smart insoles

Sport Profiler

The first multi-sport smart insoles that enable runners and cyclists to improve their performance.
One pair of smart insoles for two dedicated applications.

Cycling app:

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Running app:

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Warm Series heated insoles

Warm Series

The first connected heated insoles designed to keep your feet warm. This innovative product has been designed for your comfort and health.

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Podosmart connected insoles healthcare


A case containing 6 pairs of smart insoles dedicated to healthcare professionals. The only connected insoles capable of analysing the walking profile and detecting mobility disorders!

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Imagine an insole that is connected to your smartphone


Digitsole is transforming the world of shoes and connected insoles thanks to its unique expertise “made in France” and powered by his partner Zhor-Tech. We design the future of footwear through a range of intelligent insoles in the fields of health, sport and well-being.

Connected insoles
Brainux Zhor-Tech

High performance Brainux microprocessor

Our Brainux microprocessor integrated into the insoles represents the most advanced technology ever developed in the footwear industry and provides a very precise analyze of the activities.


Dedicated app or dashboard
that analyzes the activity


Our dedicated applications and dashboards accompany the connected insoles. They allows you to connect your insoles to your phone or computer using Bluetooth (BLE), so you can benefit from a precise analysis of your different activities.


3 simple steps


1. Insoles into shoes

Place the connected insoles in your shoes. You can readjust the insoles by following the cutting lines.


2. Make your activity

Then you can do your favourite activity: running, cycling…


3. Analyze your results

Finally, you can analyze your results directly on the dedicated application or dashboard.


Our smart insoles have been designed to offer your feet the best: more comfort, support, shock absorption and hygiene. They will perfectly follow the curves of your feet, which maximizes your performance.

Unique connected insoles

Ultra light & Comfortable

Ultra light and comfortable, the smart insoles has been designed for the comfort of your feet.


Easy to ajust

A pair includes three sizes. Just follow the cut marks to adapt them to your shoes.

Light electronics

Light electronics

The weight of the electronics is only 7g to guarantee the lightness of the insole.


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Retailer, tester or cycling club, join our Digitsole Partner Program!

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Digitsole rewarded for their innovations

Digitsole is a French company that is internationally recognized for its state-of-the-art products.

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