M- Cube - diseases detection and walking analysis
M- Cube - diseases detection and walking analysis

Footwear. Reinvented.

Discover our unique connected insoles.

DIGITSOLE is the world leader in connected footwear. We integrate electronics into footwear to offer consumers more functions to bring significant comfort and well-being.

Imagine an insole that is connected to your smartphone

Digitsole has designed innovative connected insoles for your comfort, follow the progress of your activity thanks to our dedicated application and improve performances.


  •  The first connected and heated insoles: Warm Series


  • The first connected insoles dedicated to cycling: Run Profiler Cycling


  • The first connected insoles dedicated to running: Run Profiler
Digitsole, connected insoles cycling running
Warm Series, heated insoles
Application heated insoles

Warm Series

The first connected and heated insoles

The Warm Series are the first connected heated insoles, which are designed to keep your feet warm. This innovative product has been designed for your comfort and health.

Available on Android and iOS, the dedicated application allows you to regulate the temperature in your shoes and track your daily physical activity with a simple click. Never get cold feet again!

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RP Cycling connected insoles cycling

Run Profiler Cycling

The first connected insoles dedicated to cycling

The RP Cycling are the first smart insoles for cycling that enable cyclists to enhance their pedalling technique, optimize energy consumption and reduce the risk of injury.

These insoles are connected to a dedicated application with which you can easily follow your daily evolution. There’s no need to go through a cycling test lab – RP Cycling provides you with all the information you need to improve yourself.

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Application connected insoles cycling
Features, Run Profiler connected insoles running
Application connected insoles running

Run Profiler

The first connected running insoles

The Run Profiler are the first connected insoles dedicated to running. They allow you to measure, analyze and improve your running performance.

Equipped with an activity tracker that is more precise and complete than a wristband or a connected watch, the Run Profiler is able to analyze your sports performance in 3D and real-time! This data will help you improve your performance, better manage your fatigue and detect the risk of injury!

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