What are the different types of cyclists?

In cycling, all cyclists don’t have the same skills and everyone finds his preferred field. Indeed, everything is attached with the team spirit since skills are added and shared during the race. Some will aim for first places in one-day races, others on mountain climbing stages, and others will embark on crazy races against the clock… All right, but what are the different types of cyclists?


We will distinguish together the types of runners:

  • Climbers
  • Sprinters
  • Riders
  • Punchers
  • All-rounders


We can add to this the flahute, the flandrien, the descender, the baroudeur, the leader and the domestic but we will simply focus on the 5 main ones. Let’s go!


The climber:


The climber, as his name suggests, is gifted in the long, climbing sections of the mountain. An essential element to take into account is the weight of the cyclist. Indeed, if in the rest of the races we will find essentially flat or slightly hilly roads, for the climber, his main playground remains the mountain! Its light weight and power are therefore major assets for the race.


The sprinter :


The sprinter, unlike his climbing teammate, has a stature large enough with powerful thighs to withstand the intense and short effort of a sprint. They will try to outrun the peloton with a final effort that will allow them to accelerate up to 70 km/h!


different types of cyclist


The Rider:


The rider often has the size of the sprinter but he will be able to have a high cadence during several minutes to be able to overtake the peloton. He is very efficient in the time trial discipline.


The puncheur:


The puncher is characterized by its explosiveness in the last kilometers. He escaped from the peloton using less efficient fast accelerations than the sprinter, but will be able to hold the cadence several minutes.


The all-rounder:


You have understood it, the versatile has good capabilities in all areas. It is only for sprints that he will not try the challenge, leaving the place to the specialists.

In the end, in the peloton we will be able to find a whole range of aptitudes specific to each cyclist, and that is what makes the beauty of cycling!

And what kind of cyclist are you?