Look back at the JAGD & HUND 2019 in Dortmund !



This year, the 38th edition of Europe’s largest hunting show was held in Dortmund. So we will say “Waidmannsheil! ” (“good hunting!”) at the Westfalenhallen Dortmund 2019 Messe event.


Every year, hunters, dog handlers, fishers and nature lovers meet in Dortmund at the end of January / beginning of February at the Westfalenhallen event. During which, the two exhibitions “Jagd & Hund” and “Fisch & Angel” open their doors.


Around 800 exhibitors from nearly 41 countries present their products and services at Europe’s largest hunting fair. To ensure that visitors can find their way around, the exhibition rooms are organized by area.






For the first time, we had the honor to participate in the JAGD & HUND show in Dortmund from 29 January to 3 February along with other companies, all of whom came to present their products dedicated to hunting.


It’s also an opportunity to share their passion for this activity! Coming from all over the world, they all aim to present the latest innovations in order to make these activities more comfortable and modern by adding a touch of technology and ambition.






Key product of our stand : the Warm Series V6



For this first year at JAGD & HUND, we unveiled our new version of the Warm Series, the first connected heated insoles to the world. A combination of cutting-edge technologies and unique know-how that sets a new standard in the field of intelligent, heated insoles, which are already a must in France and around the world.

So we went to meet the hunters to introduce them to our new insoles. How could they do without the Warm Series that will warm their feet during their winter activities?


An insole at the cutting edge of technology


Features Warm Series



  • The smart insoles are 20% thinner than the old version and fit the specific shoes of hunters and fishers.
  • The battery life is 30% longer. The Warm Series has been designed to offer your feet the best: more comfort, more support, more hygiene, and better shock absorption. It is, therefore, the essential product for these enthusiasts who will allow them to exercise their activity in comfort and use their soles during their long walks.


The dedicated application has been redesigned for better user experience and offers exclusive features: QR code authentication, intelligent mode. The application allows you to regulate the temperature of your shoes up to 45°C thanks to the integrated thermostat and to monitor your daily physical activity. Hunters and fishers will be able to adapt the warmth of their soles connected directly via their smartphones and enjoy exceptional well-being.


Review of JAGD & HUND 2o19 in Dortmund :



JAGD & HUND has been a success for our team and our company. A lot of people came to our booth to discover our new connected Warm Series V6 insoles! It was an unforgettable experience, and we are happy to share it with you!


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