Sports to choose from to relieve back pain

We often hear that to solve your back pain you shouldn’t do sports, but this preconceived notion is absolutely false. Not doing any activity causes a deficit in the back muscles, which will make your spine more fragile, resulting in back pain.




Different types of back pain exist, such as hernias, sciatica, low back pain or lumbago. These back conditions may be more or less easy to treat. Many people tend to swallow tons of pain medication, but why not treat your back pain at the source instead?




Several physical activities are recommended to fight back pain, they will not hurt you and will strengthen your back muscles. The recommended sports for back pain are as follows:




The walk



back pain walking

No matter what type of walking you do, it can be moderate or fast. This activity will allow you to work your back gently, as long as you pay attention to your back supports by wearing appropriate shoes. Often neglected, plantar supports are the main source of back pain, which is why walking with adapted shoes helps to limit the stresses coming from the ground. The choice of terrain is also very important: not too steep, not too hard at first. His posture is also very important, remember to stand up straight, with your shoulders back.










The dance


This sport requires work on your posture because it must be perfect. The dance promotes muscle strengthening and flexibility in your back.







back pain swimming

Swimming is often the most recommended sport when your back hurts because it is a gentle sport, and your body is carried by water. Swimming is an excellent sport for strengthening your back by combining the relief of your back pain. The crawl and backstroke are to be encouraged, and breaststroke should be avoided. The crawl has a muscle sheathing effect and will allow a natural stretching.













This gentle activity will help you relax, soften and strengthen your back while being gentle. Most yoga positions allow a natural stretching of the spine.






cycling on the road back pain



On the other hand, cycling is also a recommended sport when we have back pain because it will free the spine and joints from the body burden. The road bike is the best choice, as the mountain bike can hurt you when you ride downhill on steep roads. But as with walking, the right shoes are necessary, the bike must be custom-made, and the saddle must be adjusted so that your feet touch the ground slightly.










climbing back pain


It combines strength, concentration and flexibility. Catching holds that are both high and far away will require stretching your back, and will require some flexibility. Especially since climbing requires a constant and irreproachable cladding.











On the other hand, some physical activities should be avoided if you have back pain:








running back pain


Walking is recommended, but running is not recommended for anyone with back pain. The run generates repeated shocks, which are passed on to the upper body with each stride.









Racquet sports



These types of sports are considered as sudden sports that will create imbalances in the spine which can cause pathologies.





Team sports



team sport back pain

These sports are also to be forgotten when you have back pain, as travel can sometimes be violent and can cause pain. Changes in direction, which are sometimes quite abrupt, can also increase your pain because they will compensate for the movements of your arms.









 Skipping rope



Like running, skipping rope should be avoided when you have back pain. This activity causes repeated shocks to your upper body.



Now that you know what to do and what not to do when your back hurts, all you have to do is put on your sneakers or put on your bathing suit and go. Also, if you spend your day at work, choose a cushion that will hold your lumbar vertebrae, and a small stool under your feet so that you have a straight posture.