Hunting – How to prevent yourself from cold feet in Winter

Winter for a hunter


No more cold feet, everyone’s dream in winter. As you may have already noticed, at this time of the year, it is at the extremities of the body that one can feel the cold sensation. Feet and hands are the first victims. Winter may bring back fond memories such as Christmas, the first snow, skiing holidays, tobogganing etc. An illusion that will soon disappear with the arrival of the first frosts.


Let us put ourselves in the shoes of hunters. We would understand what it is like to face winter and we would become familiar with wet feet, fallow fingernails or frozen toes.


In order to deal with winter, the only solution is to keep your extremities warm. If you are a hunter, or if you practice activities of the same kind, this introduction does not show anything special. However, we will try to provide you with a solution to this problem. How can you stop getting cold feet in winter?



hunter get cold feet in winter

Existing solutions to protect you feet from the cold


Current topics on blogs, magazines, websites… various techniques have already been recommended to face this enemy: cold feet.

You have very good shoes, put on thick socks, use more than one pair, use heated socks and pantyhose and have stuffed shoes. Put essential oils on your feet, put polystyrene in your shoes, or put your feet in cardboard boxes. It is not unusual if you are not satisfied with the results.






Heated insoles 


With this article, Digitsole wishes to provide hunters with another solution on this matter.

“Warm series” connected heated insoles are an effective cure for individuals suffering from cold feet in winter. These are thermic, rechargeable insoles that are directly connected to a mobile application. Via this tool, you can set the heating temperature of your insoles from 20 to 45°C. It also provides a detailed view of your route via your GPS data. These are lightweight, thin and comfortable insoles.

Adapted and adaptable to any type of shoe, they will be very useful during your hunting trips. Autonomy won’t be your enemy because the battery has the ability to warm up your feet for 7 hours with a heating temperature of 35°C.


Insoles for everything and everyone 


It should be noted that the use of these heated insoles is not limited to hunting. You can also use them for any other activity where your feet may be cold. Typical examples of users are skiers, workers, hikers, motorcyclists… and for everyday life.


hunter get cold feet in winter

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