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BFM Business parle de Digitsole

“Digitsole: leader in connected insoles for the health and sports sector”

Live round table around Sport and Tech.

François Sorel – Journalist Tech & Co, BFM Business TV & Radio

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“Smart Insoles will analyze the way you run. It will help you have a better stride and run smarter.”

Frederic Simottel – Journalist HighTech, BFM TV

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“Insoles that will analyze my stride quality. The particularity of these soles is that they are equipped with sensors that will analyze the way I run. It’s a kind of sports coach who will give you advice on how to run or walk better or potentially avoid the risk of injury.”

Anthony Morel – Journalist, RMC

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L'express Digitsole

The Digitsole SmartInsoles analyse biomechanics to assess the runner’s quality of movements and suggest possible improvements for optimum jogging.”

Florence Santrot – Journalist, L’Express

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“With its connected multi-application Smart Insoles, Digitsole intends to transform the shoe into an intelligent tool. For the moment, the user only has the choice between two applications, but soon more apps will be available on the Digitsole platform (games, sports, wellness and health improvement)”.

Writer –

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“Digitsole is the specialist of the connected sole. The brand offers this technology to a large audience thanks to the arrival for some time of smartphone and Bluetooth technology. Everyone can have a small personal laboratory that analyzes his stride, his way of walking or running, and a basis for suggestion to improve it. Here is our presentation of the DigitSole.”

Writer –

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Sport Eco

“Connected and smart insoles that turn shoes into an analysis tool to improve the way you run with personalized advice. This is the objective of the Digitsole French insoles.”

Writer – Sport Eco

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Sport guide logo

“Digitsole wants to develop an insole to improve sports performance, to measure the difficulty of some professions, but also and above all to be part of a health perspective by allowing, thanks to walking – and its modifications – to detect pathologies and diseases as early as possible.”

Writer – Sport Guide

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“Transforming insoles into a smart tool. This is the mission that Digitsole has chosen. The brand is developing connected insoles, designed with the expertise of health professionals, particularly walking and running specialists.”

Alain Jouve – Writer, Sport Stratégies

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