Study confirms Digitsole’s PODOSmart® is a valid tool for gait analysis compared to the gold standard Vicon motion system​

A study published in the September 2021 issue of Sensors, titled A Novel Tool for Gait Analysis: Validation Study of the Smart Insole PODOSmart® concluded that Digitsole’s PODOSmart® is a valid tool for gait analysis compared to the gold standard Vicon motion system.

The study also concluded that because PODOSmart® is a portable gait analysis tool with an affordable cost it can be a useful new tool for gait analysis in the healthy and pathological population.

The first-generation smart insole PODOSmart® system was first introduced in 2019 as a new tool for gait analysis against high-cost laboratory-based equipment. The PODOSmart® system measures walking profile and gait variables in real-life conditions. PODOSmart® insoles consist of wireless sensors, which can be fitted into any shoe and offer the ability to measure spatial, temporal, and kinematic gait parameters. Both the process to gather the data and the algorithms used for the analyses are patented by  Digitsole.

Digitsole, a world leader in digital health, has since launched its new second-generation Digitsole Pro® smart insoles in the fall of 2021 in the U.S., with even more advanced medical applications. It was strategically developed on the same proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) based technology platform, further underscoring and validating its utility. 

Digitsole Pro

Digitsole Pro® will allow healthcare professionals to improve a patient’s walking, running, and baseline clinical assessments by measuring objective biomechanical data that the naked eye cannot observe. This innovative solution provides healthcare experts with the ability to improve patient outcomes. To review the full published study manuscript, click here.

About Digitsole

A digital health company started in 2015 in France; Digitsole is a leader in the e-health space, bringing together digital mobility biomarkers and biomechanical data with clinical expertise to improve the wellbeing of people throughout their lives. Digitsole developed their digital health platform to monitor effortlessly mobility measurements and related pathologies. Digitsole’s mission is to empower mobility for a healthier life, and the company knows real-world data can advance wellness and lead to better health predictions. Visit for more information.

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