How to prepare your feet properly before a marathon?

You have decided to participate to a marathon, but don’t know how to take care of your feet before this intense challenge? Here are some tips to prepare your feet properly and improve your performance. This advice can also be interesting for those who practice running as a simple leisure activity. Our feet and muscles are usually under great strain and it is always better to give them a boost before the big day.



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The first trick to strengthen your skin is tanning. This method will increase the number of cells present in the epidermis and thus harden the arch of the foot, which will be more resistant to friction without cracking. Lemon juice is the most effective and natural product. It will be sufficient to apply the juice from half a lemon to your feet once a day. You must start tanning three weeks before the marathon because that is how long it takes for our skin to renew itself.





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The complementary step to tanning is to hydrate your feet. This will soften the skin that has hardened considerably as a result of the use of citric acid-based products. There are many creams on the market, but the most effective are those made with shea butter. Two weeks before the event and once a day, apply the cream to the most sensitive areas of your feet. You can also use an anti-friction cream that will protect your skin from abrasion and thus prevent the appearance of blisters. Running for 40 km will inevitably cause friction and irritation, therefore applying this type of cream could spare you unbearable foot pain.







The insoles:


In order to increase the stability of your feet, it is necessary to wear soles in addition to your adapted running shoes. The soles will absorb shocks and therefore reduce the risk of injury. Thanks to its SHS shock absorption system, which allows for better cushioning, our connected Run Profiler soles will be perfect for this situation. Learn more…




The socks:


Wearing technical socks that allow perspiration to evacuate will make the difference. Furthermore, they will ensure essential regulation during an effort that can result in swelling and sweating of your feet. The socks must be seamless, so as not to exert friction. You can also wear them the day before, so that the fabric does not damage the skin on race day.




Take care of your feet:


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It is also essential to take care of your nails and skin as soon as possible and not wait until the last second to do so. Nails should not be too long or too short and calluses should be treated. The ideal solution is to consult a podiatrist specialized in sports two weeks before the marathon. He will give you excellent advice and will put everything in order by showing you how to do it next time.










Prepare your skin on race day :



Apply a benzoin tincture after lemon juice for one week before the race.  This resin solution from Thailand or the Sumatran swamps, is sold in pharmacies. It is used to protect and strengthen the skin by forming a protective film and preserving moisture. You can also apply this solution on the morning of the race, you can also apply this solution.

One hour before the event, apply a large amount of anti-friction cream to your feet and socks. The longer your race, the more cream you will need to apply to avoid burns. The most sensitive can also put bandages on the support areas.




Do not wear new equipment:

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Last but not least, never wear new shoes or socks on marathon day. Make sure your equipment has already been used and has adapted to the shape of your feet and do not change the day before! A new pair of shoes or socks can exert pressure when the foot heats up and sweats, causing severe pain and the risk of blisters.

After the race:


Feel free to relax after the race to minimize contractures. Take time to prepare a relaxing bath, get a massage with a special moisturizing cream and your body will be back in no time.


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Now that you know the ideal methods to protect your feet, all you have to do is train well and you will be at peak performance. If you know of any other tips, don’t hesitate to tell us in comment. Have a good race ! 


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