How to recover better after exercising?

It is very important to recover well after your workout. It is about taking the time to relax your body and mind. Doing this will optimize the effects of the physical activity performed. Recovery also requires a balanced diet and a correct dose of sleep.

The moment just after the effort


After an effort, it is important to take the time to calm your breathing and heart rate. The goal is to achieve a state of nervous relaxation conducive to a good recovery. To do this, just take a few minutes to take a deep breath and allow your body to lower the pressure you endured during your workout.

It is important to stretch when your muscles are relaxed and your blood flows normally into your body. To limit the risk of injury or pain, your stretching should be gentle and respectful of the body. Finally, it is possible to promote recovery by giving priority to muscle massages on sensitive points.

After-session and recovery foods

Hydrating throughout the day is essential, especially after a physical effort. Drinking water also allows a better transmission of energy through blood plasma. Immediately after exercise, it is possible to eat so-called salvaged foods containing a large amount of carbohydrates: bananas, dates, etc. Eating these types of foods allows your body to recharge its energy reserves, it is advisable to include plenty of protein in the meal after exercise.


Sleep is also an important element for a good physical condition and therefore it is also important in optimizing sports efforts. To allow you to recover better, especially after a very intense session, it is essential to get a real night’s sleep, about eight hours.

Compressive technical clothing is designed to allow better blood circulation to the lower limbs. They will promote the recovery of the legs after the effort, and therefore avoid swelling and sensations of heavy legs.

The cold can also help you to recover after an intense physical effort:

  • Cryotherapy is a technique often used by top athletes, it consists in entering a very cold water bath (with a large quantity of ice cubes) for a short period of time. There are specially dedicated baths, but it is quite possible to do it at home.
  • Electrostimulation is also used for recovery purposes, after sport by relaxing the muscles. It also helps to fight against the pain you will be able to have after your session. These devices will stimulate blood circulation in the event of aches and pains and will thus reduce tension in the muscle fibres.
  • Pressotherapy will relieve heavy and swollen legs. Alternating compression and decompression, pressure therapy will activate venous return: blood rises, oxygen depleted to the upper body, rapidly accelerating the body’s reabsorption of the components of fatigue and pain in the muscles. With this method, you will quickly return to your best level while increasing your training pace.