How to get back into sport after the holidays?

During the holidays we enjoy ourselves, and sport often comes in second. Resuming sport after this famous summer break requires some precautions to be taken since you have to prepare your body to face muscular efforts again.

Set achievable goals for yourself

Determine why you want to take up sport again, what you want to do (indoor sport, team sports, etc.). Make a program with goals that will motivate you, make sure they are not too ambitious from the beginning. By setting yourself too high goals you will simply disgust and demotivate yourself very quickly.

Take it easy

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Your recovery must absolutely be gradual. You need to give yourself time before you regain the sensations you had before. Patience and regularity are on the agenda. If you recover too intensely, and quickly, you increase the risk of injury. For 2-3 weeks, think about warming up and warming up well. And above all, listen to your body: do not force yourself if you feel that you cannot.

If you have been out of sport for a long time, it is advisable to have a medical check-up to make sure you are still fit to play sport.

Opt for a healthy lifestyle

Drink sufficient water throughout the day. Your body needs this water supply to avoid dehydration. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to start drinking. Also, a balanced diet is essential for a healthy life and this is especially important when you resume exercise in good conditions. Forget prepared meals, opt for fruits and vegetables, cereals and proteins. These foods will give you the energy you need to train.

Remember to sleep well

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Sleep is essential for a good sporting recovery. If you are tired, fatigue will take over and your motivation will be at its lowest. Especially since playing sports will allow you to feel good fatigue, it will promote good nights.

Vary the sports activities so as not to lose your motivation

It is important to vary your physical activities so as not to lose your motivation. In addition, many sports will be complementary and will allow you to progress together. Alternate the so-called muscle strengthening activities with those that have a more cardio aspect. By doing this, you will avoid injuries and get better results.

Remember to warm up

As mentioned above, for 2-3 weeks think about warming up really well. Warm-up is one of the good habits you should resume when you return to sport. It allows you to gently re-initiate your body to the movements you will make during your training. You must gently move your body to wake it up, this will help you avoid slamming or other injuries.

Stretching should not be forgotten

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Your recovery after your sports sessions is essential. After your training, think about restoring calm, walk slowly, and relax your muscles. Avoid stretching right after your session, wait a few hours or even the next day for a stretching session.

When you start exercising again, it is possible to get aches and pains, so don’t force yourself to train on it. Let your body rest.

Do your training with friends

Training with friends is always fun to train alone. This will motivate you when your motivation is not there, and when you flinch a little during your training.

Indulge yourself

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Don’t be too hard on yourself, listen to your body and make it your own. You’re forcing it will only serve to disgust you. Turn to an activity that you enjoy and that is adapted to your physical abilities.