How to differentiate joint pain from muscle pain?

Do you experience severe leg pain after intensive training?

Before you even want to treat this injury, you must know its origin. Sometimes it can be very tricky to differentiate pain from joint or muscle fatigue.

In addition, you do not want to go to the doctor and would like to get advice, so that this does not happen again. Here are the main differences between muscle or joint fatigue and ways to reduce and avoid it.


Muscle pain:


First of all, let’s explain precisely what muscle pain is.

This pain obviously affects the muscles and occurs following repeated movements or stretching, often during excessive sports practice. If the muscle is not used to it, this type of pain can even be caused by sudden action. Muscle pain is nothing more than an inflammation of the muscle that manifests itself as cramping or aches and pains. It is quite normal that at rest, you no longer feel this pain. You will only feel it when you use your muscle. In this case, it will be difficult to use the injured limb for a period of time, depending on the severity of the inflammation. If it is a cramp, it will only last a few seconds. However, if it is a breakdown, the pain could last several months.



pain leg rest



The most effective way to reduce pain is by stretching the muscle. As a result, the pain can disappear very quickly. Heat is also a trick to avoid pain. Take a hot bath and your muscle will be instantly relieved. The best-known remedy is still rest. Indeed, lack of sleep and muscle exhaustion prevent the body from self-healing. It is therefore strongly recommended to let the injured tissues rest and stop practicing the usual sports activities. You should also not stay in bed all day. You can continue to be active while controlling your muscular efforts. According to health professionals, keeping body motion to a minimum will increase the rate of healing of damaged tissues.







Joint pain:


Now, let’s explain how joint pain is different from muscle pain.

Joint pain is felt more often when the body is at rest than muscle pain where the pain is felt when the body is in motion.


Joint pain aging process




This is because pain from joints is usually caused by the aging of the body. Joints are used to bind bones together and protect them from knocks. They are wrapped in cartilage, consisting of ligaments connecting the bones and synovial fluid that promote fluidity and range of motion. As the body and skeleton age, the joints undergo this aging process. As a result, bones are less protected and some discomfort or even pain appears. Most of the time, joint pain occurs for no apparent reason, gradually, and disappears within a few days. However, it is possible, especially in the event of a shock, that they may last several weeks or months. The areas concerned are the points of rotation of the bones such as wrists, elbows, and ankles.







Once again, rest is the best remedy. Indeed, this will not increase the pain. To relieve this pain and relieve joints, placing ice on the affected area may be a solution.


Whether it is muscle or joint fatigue, if the pain persists, consult a doctor.


Prevent injury:


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If pain in your muscles or joints occur during your training, it is because you are doing the movements in the wrong way. Everybody is different, so you need to personalize your sports sessions and not push them to the limit. There is also equipment that can help you protect your body, such as adapted shoes or orthotics, for example.











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