How to choose the right bike?

The world is home to thousands of cyclists, and the community is still growing! You want to get started too but don’t know what type of bike you will be most comfortable with?


A bike for one purpose

You are looking for a new bike, and you hesitate between several types: city bike/folding, racing, mountain bike, hiking, crossbike, etc. It is difficult to find your way around when faced with all the bikes, all different from each other. Especially since they are designed for a specific purpose.


The questions to ask yourself:

  • What type of activity will you use your bike for?
  • What terrain will you be driving on?
  • How often will you drive?
  • How far will you travel?


The bike you choose must absolutely be adapted to your body shape, if it is not you will not be able to have a good position and your comfort depends on it. If you don’t feel comfortable on it, you won’t use it often.


The different types of bikes


There are different types of bicycles, to be chosen according to the use you will make of them. The structure and the equipment that compose them will be adapted to the type of terrain chosen: road, city, path, forest, etc.




Mountain bike


Off-road enthusiasts and thrill-seekers will turn to mountain biking. With this one, you can escape into nature, climb mountains, cross forests and slide down meadows and rocky slopes.  The mountain bike is rather reserved for sport but it is much more compact and heavy than a road bike, which makes it easier to control on more demanding terrain. Thanks to its wide tires with a distinctive profile and efficient suspension system, you can effortlessly overcome most obstacles. On very demanding terrain, opt for a bike with front and rear suspension.






Racing bike


vélo de route

The racing bike is also dedicated to sport. It is absolutely not designed for nature walks but is intended for speed lovers. To minimize weight, the frame is made of ultra-light metals. Its tires are very thin, almost smooth, they considerably reduce rolling resistance and therefore increase speed.







City bike/bending bike


vélo de ville

It is ideal for travelling short distances on paved roads, for commuting to and from work. It is equipped in accordance with the requirements of the highway code, so that you can travel safely in urban traffic. Often equipped with a luggage rack, a crutch and mudguards, it will be adapted to all situations of your daily life. You can use it to go to work, to do some shopping or to go for a weekend walk.

If you need or want to combine the bike with public transport, choose a folding bike. Designed like a city bike, it has the advantage of being able to fold in a compact format. It will be easy to transport thanks to its smaller wheels and less imposing frame.




Hiking bike


If you plan to use your bike both in the city and for longer walks in the countryside, the hiking bike is the best choice. It is a combination of city bike and mountain bike. Its tires are thin like those of the city bike, and allow you to ride easily on paved roads. Hiking bicycles are equipped to be able to travel on a road and are designed to offer the cyclist a comfortable position. They are suitable for long day trips or multi-day hikes.



Electric bike


Electric bicycles are equipped with an electric motor that assists pedaling. They have been booming in recent years and are a real alternative to cars in the city. It helps to avoid traffic jams in the city, but also to do something for the environment. Not to mention the benefits for your health! Because with or without electric assistance, you will still have to pedal to get your bike moving. There are two types of electric bicycles: those with a maximum speed of 25 km/h with electric assistance, and those with a more powerful motor that can reach 45 km/h. Some up to 45km/h are in the category of motorized two-wheelers. You must therefore respect the mandatory equipment: helmet, adapted lighting, mirror, license plate.


Of course, when you buy a bike, ask the seller for help, he will be able to advise you and help you in your choice.