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Heating insoles Warm Series V7

Before purchase

The heated insoles can be worn with closed shoes such as ankle boots, boots, motorcycle or ski boots or even sneakers.

For better comfort, we recommend removing the insoles from your shoes (when possible) before insrting the Warm Series.

Here is the table of available sizes:

36-37 4-5 6-6.5 3.5-4 24,4 cm
38-39 6-7 7.5-8.5 4.5-6 25,7 cm
40-41 7.5-8 9-10 6.5-7.5 27,1 cm
42-43 8.5-9.5 10.5-11 8-9 28,4 cm
44-45 10-11   9.5-10.5 29,7 cm
46-47 12-13   11-12 31 cm


We advise you to buy the model that matches the usual size of your shoes.

Each model is designed to fit two sizes. You can cut your insoles accordingly to make them fit.

You can cut your insoles using scissors.

Be careful not to cut past the limit line drawn under the insoles. If you cut past this line, the heating part will be damaged and the insoles may no longer work, thus voiding their warranty.

In order for your phone to connect to the insoles, it must be running a version higher than iOS 13.0 or Android 6.0.

To find out more about this, please go to your phone’s settings.

In the box you will find :

  • A pair of Warm Series insoles
  • A double micro-USB cable
  • A user’s booklet.

In many cases, it is poor blood circulation in the toe extremities that leads to the cold sensation. Therefore, warming the extremities will improve blood circulation by keeping your feet at a more comfortable temperature.

No. Overlapping two pairs of insoles is not recommended. There is a risk of excessive compression of your foot inside your shoe if you place the two pairs of insoles on top of each other. In addition, they will block the proper distribution of heat in your shoes.

At Digitsole, we take our customers’ safety very seriously. During the design of the Warm series, we have worked diligently to keep safety at the forefront of our priorities and have endeavored to make the product resistant to water, high pressure and extremely impact resistant.

Water resistant: The electronics and battery are sealed in a water resistant IP56 certified housing. They will not only withstand ambient humidity but also your feet’ moisture. Should water come in contact with the insoles, let them dry at room temperature. Do not place them on a hot surface or radiator.

Impact Resistant: When you walk, your body weight can be multiplied by three, which is why we have designed the insoles to support up to 500 kg / 1100 lbs.

Dust resistant: IP56 standard

The Warm Series product is sold in pairs.

First use

To download the application, go to the Play Store or the Apple Store on your phone and download the “Digitsole Warm Series V7” application.

If the number on the back of your insoles next to the QRCode starts with 1933 or higher, use our Digitsole Warm Series V7 app, if not use our Warm Series app.

  1. Once the application is downloaded, click on “Log in with email” and enter your email address and password you wish to use.
  2. Read and accept the privacy policy.
  3. Then validate your email address by clicking on “Enter code” and enter the confirmation code.
  4. Enter your personal information such as last name, first name ans gender. 
  5. Turn on your
    bluetooth, under Android also activate your location.

  6. Then scan the QRCode located on the back of the soles.

Most users feel comfortable with a temperature between 30°C and 35°C. However, the perception of temperature and comfort can vary considerably from one person to another and depending on the properties of your shoes and socks, as well as the ambient temperature. For your comfort, the application allows you to adjust the temperature of your insoles in one-degree increments between 20°C and 45°C.

Your QRCode can be found under your insoles and inside the first page of the user manual.    

In case your QRCode is incomplete or completely unreadable, please contact us at the following address/ specifying, if possible, the digits of your QRCode.
Example below: 1110 A00011

My insoles

We have been able to insert electronic components into the insoles, including a rechargeable battery and a heating section, which convert the energy from the battery into heat. This process is managed by the user through the Warm Series application on your phone.

For your safety, a thermostat regulates the temperature of the insoles so that they never exceed the selected temperature.

The heating zone is located at the front of the insoles.

In most cases, the cold sensation starts at the body’s extremities, which is why we have chosen to heat this area. The blood circulation and the airtightness of your shoes will help distribute the heat so that the sensation is felt in all parts of the foot.

Thanks to the thermostat, the heating is self-regulated, the chosen temperature is regulated in the whole shoe’s interior space.

It takes between one and three minutes to reach the desired temperature.

The battery life will depend on your insoles use such as the heating set point, the ambient temperature, the type of shoes and socks worn, the body temperature … Taking this into account, each insole’s battery life will last from two to six hours.

We recommend using USB chargers with outputs between 1A and 2A. Chargers with less than 1A will not charge the insoles properly.

We recommend using only our dual micro-USB cable.

Depending on the USB charger type and output you use, your insoles can be recharged, at a minimum, in two and a half hours.

No, it is not necessary to wait until the insoles are completely discharged before recharging them.

The insoles can sustain a minimum of 500 charging cycles.

No, the battery cannot be replaced.

We do not provide additional charging cable, however you can easily get it from online sales platforms. You will find them under the name Dual Micro USB Splitter Charge Cable or USB Y to Dual Micro USB Cable (part number: XGW08-047-02). 

Your insoles are charging when the red light is on.

Once your insoles are fully charged, the red indicator lights will turn off. 

Make sure the insoles are charged, unplugged from the USB cable and that they are not in standby mode (to make sure, shake them). You can also plug in and then unplug the insoles.
Also make sure that your Bluetooth and phone’s location are turned on

Note: You must connect your insoles via the application and not via your phone’s Bluetooth. 

Make sure the insoles are charged, unplugged from the USB cable and that they are not in standby mode (to make sure, shake them). You can also plug in and then unplug the insoles.
Also make sure that your Bluetooth and phone’s location are turned on

Note: You must connect your insoles via the application and not via your phone’s Bluetooth. 

Do not put them in the washing machine.
You can clean your insoles with a damp cloth and soap, as they are splash-proof (IPS6 certified).  
Do not use any other cleaning agents.
Then let them dry at room temperature. 
Do not place them on a hot surface or radiator.

First, make sure that your insoles are fully charged.

  • Connect a micro-USB cable to each insole.
  • Connect the USB end to a USB power source via USB charger.
  • A red LED should light up on the inside of each insole to indicate charging.
  • The red LEDs will turn off when the batteries are fully charged and still plugged in.

To turn off your insoles, simply turn off the heating system. Otherwise after twenty minutes of inactivity the insoles will automatically turn off.

  • Check that your Bluetooth is activated
  • Charge your insoles fully
  • Make sure to unplug your insoles, as they can’t be detected while being charged.
  • Turn your phone’s Bluetooth off and back on.
  • If you are still experiencing problems, reset the insoles by plugging them in for 3 seconds and then unplugging them.

Support request

You didn’t find the answer to your question on our documentation? Open a support ticket and our dedicated teams will be happy to assist you in the use of your product: