Cycling in the winter, made easy !

Cycling under the snow with the feel of the wind and the cold … Many riders out there get their bicycles ready as soon as they see the first snowflakes.


Contrary to what many people think, riding a bike in winter is becoming more and more common! You will realize that there is no reason to deprive yourself of the pleasure of riding all year long just by properly gearing up while following our basic tips and advice!


Furthermore, continuing to ride a bike in winter allows our body to get used to fighting the cold. Not only do we burn more calories, but our body is also learning to use oxygen more efficiently.


Of course, it’s a little harsh, but it requires above all, a little preparation, a little gear and a little good will.


Training in December


Indeed, it’s time to prepare for December! Rigorous training is essential to prepare for winter. For example, you can go for walks of 2 to 3 hours. During this period, cycling becomes a secondary practice, so value other sports such as mountain biking, fatbike, etc.


Mountain biking, an alternative for winter time


This sport is surely the closest to road cycling, and at the same time, it provides significant benefits. On the technical side, it improves our skill on both wheels. On the physical level, the plane differences will allow a real muscle gain.


The Fatbike


Fatbike is done on snow, powder, and snow does not wear tires or brakes! This sport is fun and gives a great feeling of freedom for the cyclist. The Fatbike is the absolute satisfaction for the cyclist throughout the winter.


Take care of your bike


vélo en hiver



When temperatures drop, your gear suffers. It is advisable to keep fluids on hand to defrost the locks, in case the lock bike freezes. Lubricating the latter will also prevent unpleasant surprises.


To reduce the risk of frost and corrosion, as well as improve the performance of your bike, regularly and generously degrease all its components. 


 In addition, if you leave your bike outside, make sure your transmission and leather saddle are not covered with snow or ice between periods of use.


  • Tip: When not using your bike, cover it with a tarpaulin. Because, in very cold weather, the hubs, the crankset and the headset can be damaged, and also the braking system can freeze.
  • Tip: Inspect your bike before each use by small tests of braking etc. … and be vigilant at all times!



Gear up to stay warm and dry


During big drops in temperature, good accessories allow good protection of the hands, the head, and the feet, often the first parts of the body that are severely affected by the cold.


In order to better protect the forehead and ears, it is advisable to invest in a special cyclist’s cap that’s compatible with your helmet.


On the bike, the hands are very exposed to the wind and must be covered with several layers rather than a single pair of gloves.


For feet, our heated and connected soles are recommended for people who continue cycling during the winter. The Warm Series are rechargeable, directly connected to a mobile application and their autonomy of 7 hours will allow you to go for a long walk without suffering the cold! Learn more 


Overall, focus on breathable garments that have great drying and aeration capabilities while maintaining a high level of thermal insulation and waterproofing.


Prepare your body for long rides


balade en hiver

Hypoglycemia and hypothermia, most of the time, walk hand in hand.



To get good thermal regulation and not feel the cold, our body needs a lot of energy. Food is, therefore, a critical element for long rides.



Hypoglycaemia and hyperthermia are often insperable: Loss of energy makes you sensitive to cold, and the fight against cold consumes energy. It is, therefore, advisable to consume more calories: sweet foods, carbs, etc.



Proper hydration and nutrition are, however, recommended to avoid hypoglycemia and to make the most of long winter outings.




All you have to do is dress well, take care of your bike and prepare your body for the cold to continue enjoying your passion in this winter!


















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