COPA 2019 in London: the highlights !



Our team traveled to London from May 8-9, for the first time, had the pleasure of attending for the first time the UK’s largest physical activity fair: Elevate 2019. It is a real meeting point for sports and fitness enthusiasts, but also for health professionals, such as physiotherapists. One of the main objectives of this event is to bring together under one roof thousands of high-level decision-makers under one roof and fight against physical inactivity. This exhibition encourages the sharing of knowledge, collaboration and the discovery of new products.


COPA 2019


copa 2019 Booth podosmart



Our team set up its booth in the COPA part of the exhibition. It is a vast space exclusively dedicated to physiotherapy. This is the perfect opportunity to present our solution to healthcare professionals. Thousands of physiotherapists, osteopaths and podiatrists attend this event every year, hoping to discover an innovative new product that will change their lives. The team therefore took advantage of this show to develop its network and demonstrate the Podosmart solution to visitors.




An innovative product dedicated to health professionals: Podosmart

This Podosmart kit consists of six soles connected to a dedicated interface and a Bluetooth connection box. Our team of engineers has worked hard to develop a revolutionary product adapted to the needs of health professionals, more specifically podiatrists and physiotherapists. Thanks to this solution, they can now compare patients’ activities and follow the evolution of pathologies, all this quickly and at a lower cost. As our solution facilitates the work of practitioners and represents a real time savings, many professionals came to our stand and were impressed by this innovation. We had the honor of meeting a representative of the largest association of chiropodists in the United Kingdom: “The College of Podiatry”. Following this exchange, he offered us a spot in one of their exhibitions/conferences in London. This is the largest event dedicated to podiatrists in Europe and therefore a unique opportunity not to be missed.

Thanks to this show, we were able to meet many health experts and develop brand awareness. The feedback on our product has been very constructive and our team is therefore more motivated for the next exhibitions, starting with ISPO Outdoor in Germany at the end of June.


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