Look back at the 2019 CES in Las Vegas!



CES 2019

Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) becomes the center of attention, which is understandable, a fair of this magnitude with a vocation to “change the world” cannot go unnoticed, especially when the latter takes place in Las Vegas. And for once, what’s happening in Vegas, is not going to stay there. This Congress which brings together hundreds of start-ups, is the only one that presents the world with advanced technologies, which always bring us a little closer to the future. In short, it turns our dreams into reality!







Digitsole, back at CES!


For the fifth year in a row, we had the honor to participate along with other start-ups and companies, all coming to present products and prototypes more surprising than each other. They all participate with the goal of revolutionizing our habits, both in our professional and personal lives and proving that the impossible can become possible with a mix of technology and ambition.


Innovation is more than present, but it is the human side that makes us want to return each year. This place gives the opportunity to us, passionate about technology, to gather, to meet, to share our experiences, and especially to reveal to the eyes of all, the result of hard years of toil. We also take the opportunity to test a lot of revolutionary products and gadgets. In short, moments rich in emotions that completely cut us off from the real world.



Key products of our stand:


Last year, we presented the world’s first collection of connected shoes and insoles. These insoles are already unavoidable in France and around the world. At the same time, who could do without the Warm Series that warms our feet in the winter, or the Run Profiler and the Run Profiler Cycling that allow riders and cyclists to improve their performance?

This year, we come back again with new products that add to this collection and are always more bluffing with the theme of health and well-being of people around us.


It is with pride that we presented the M-Cube® solution and the S-Cube® solution:



M-Cube : Medical Mobility Monitoring


M-Cube®: Medical Mobility Monitoring

M-Cube® technology promises to be a revolutionary tool in the health field. Indeed, our technology weighing only 7 grams, can be incorporated into any shoe or sole. It is a diagnostic tool that can measure no less than 12 parameters such as posture or impact force. Thanks to an intuitive application, it allows doctors and patients to access real-time data and to observe the effectiveness of a treatment or even to diagnose diseases, such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. We have obviously developed it with the help of health professionals, and we can already say that this will be a major breakthrough in this area! Learn more






S-Cube®: Safety Smartshoes:

S-Cube : Safety smarshoes


The second star of our stand is the S-Cube® solution. When you say security, you say respect of the norms and this, thanks to an evaluation of the hardness of the work carried out by detecting parameters, such as fatigue and the falls or the posture. We have chosen to broaden our scope and be the first to adopt connected shoes to the needs of professionals! All this to make their work more pleasant and act actively for the reduction of accidents. Learn more





Regarding the booth, we have not done things by half, and we see things bigger and bigger as the years go by! The proof is in the image with this photo of our booth and the majestic screen that overhangs everything.


CES 2019 stand : footwear reinvented




Always more motivated than ever, it is not the demonstrations produced and the meetings with the journalists who will manage to tire our team. Karim Oumnia, the creator of the start-up, even had the time to answer the questions of the team of Europe 1. You can hear it by yourself from the 32nd minute by clicking here.


Europe 1 intervew at CES 2019



Review of CES 2019:



In summary, this CES was once again a great success for our team and our company. A lot of people came to our booth to discover our “Footwear reinvented” and this non-stop! We had the chance to meet people from all walks of life, wishing to accompany us on the road to success. We derive from this experience only positive and are happy to share this experience with you! I end this article with a photo of the team representing us on the stand and take the opportunity to thank them for having been able to transmit our passion and share our work to the world!


Digitsole at the CES 2019


Do not hesitate to read our previous articles, if you are looking for solutions to protect your body from extreme temperatures in winter and improve your sports performance, until what we are preparing is ready to be unveiled! Stay tuned and be the first to discover each of our adventures by following us on all social networks!

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