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The Side Stitch

Not easy to see, impossible to anticipate, the stitch is still the fellow of many runners. It’s usually located along the ribs, most often on

How to improve your stride?

Among runners, some have only one thing in mind: to constantly improve and surpass themselves to face harder or more exciting challenges. More than a

What should I eat after a run?

They say we are what we eat. But when you’ve run for an hour and you come back, cooking isn’t really a priority. Imagine just

Summary of the CES 2017

Oh the CES. Las Vegas. Its driveways, its exhibitors, its new technologies, each more surprising than the last. Its new meetings. This continuous emulation. This

Top 5 Christmas gifts for a runner

Ah, the month of December! The Xmas markets, the mulled wine, the snow, Christmas… All of this make us dream every year. However, Christmas time

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