8 tips to run during summer time

With the return of the summer season and the rise in temperatures, we want to put on our running shoes and enjoy. But how to manage heat and training? There are no miracle recipes but a few tips to help you train in the summer and minimize the impact of heat.



Playing sports in summer, when temperatures exceed 30 degrees, creates an additional workload for the body and the cardiovascular system. The higher the temperatures aree higher the body temperature will increase. The consequences will be that you sweat a lot more, your pulse gets hotter, and your blood vessels dilate.



So here are 8 tips for training in the heat:



1- Adapt your running times:



Running times


Running in the morning or at the end of the day is always a better idea than running in the middle of the day, especially in summer. This can be difficult if you are not an early person, but after a good running session, with the morning dew, you will feel great for the rest of the day.









2- Get your body used to the heat:



This advice can be a little counter-intuitive, and it is not suitable for everyone. It concerns runners with summer objectives. Programming a training plan when the spring season arrives is ideal, it will allow you to get used to the sun and its heat.




3-Cool down to lower your body temperature:



A bit too hot during your run? Wet your head with water, you will feel fresh, and it will last until the water evaporates. You can also wet your t-shirt before going for a run to stay cool at least at the beginning of your run.




4- Hydrate yourself! :

hydrate yourself

Whether it is summer or winter, always drink enough before and during the run. It is an essential gesture to keep strength during your run. During the run, choose a bottle belt, or a CamelBak. In practical terms, to have good hydration, you must drink throughout the day. Before going for a run, it is advisable to drink 1 glass of water. When you run, about 1 to 2 sips every 10 minutes to avoid feeling too bloated. Once the race is over, think about drinking too.


















5- Have a suitable equipment:



Have suitable equipment to run

Forget your jogging, and your raincoat, summer is coming! Dress, such as shorts, and a tank top are much more suitable. Choose pale colours, light and loose fabrics, because as you know, dark colours attract the sun, and tight clothes are rarely pleasant during high temperatures.








6- Sun protection not to be forgotten:



Protecting yourself from the sun is certainly a gesture to do all year long, but even more in summer, and not only to escape the nasty tan of a runner. Put on a cap (to avoid sunstroke) and/or sunglasses, and spread yourself with sweat-resistant sunscreen. The protection factor depends on your skin type, and at what time of day you want to do your training.




7- Moderate the intensity of your runs:



Do not be too demanding on yourself, especially during the summer. Even if you like to push your limits, it is better to do it at another time of the year. When you run during summer, your body will have to put extra effort into it because of the high temperatures.




8- Look for training alternatives:



Not everyone likes being soaked in sweat, and that is normal. That is why other sports exist, and they may be more suitable for what you are looking for. Cycling is a good way to perfect your training, and in addition you will have the chance to enjoy a refreshing breeze. Water sports (aquagym, swimming) are also excellent alternatives for refreshing while strengthening and training.




Now that you know how to run well in the summer, all you have to do is put on your sneakers and train properly. Or maybe you will prefer water sports to stay cool!



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