Five routes to explore the world by bike!

Cycle tourism is a good way to discover the world through a unique means of transport: the bicycle! The cycle tourism routes are extremely varied, which means that everyone can enjoy this leisure activity! Here are some examples of itineraries to travel you travel by bike.



1. The ViaRhona, from Lake Leman to the Mediterranean Sea (France)


From Geneva, the ViaRhona joins the Mediterranean Sea at Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône in Séte. With a total length of 815 km, this route is car free and fully dedicated for cyclists over 575 km. The rest of the route is on roads shared with motorists but with low traffic, which allows you to drive in complete serenity. The viaRhôna is a great opportunity to discover the richness of the Rhone Valley. Take the time to swim as you approach Bourget Lake or simply in the Rhône. Gourmet stops are also possible throughout the route, including the nougat from Montélimar, the fruits of the Rhône Valley and the chestnuts from Ardèche.

A varied course is ideal for families to escape and should pleased young and old alike!



2.The Great Divide, Mountain Bike (USA)

Mountain Biker


This mountain track from Banff, Alberta in Canada to the Mexican border is known to be the longest in the world. With a distance of more than 4,000 km and a peak at an altitude of 3,631m, this trail will satisfy the biggest fans of sensations. However, this itinerary requires a great deal of physical and logistical preparation. It is important to take the meteorological factors into account, as cold and snow are often present on the course.

Be careful, even if this path offers breathtaking landscapes, it remains difficult and only accessible by mountain bike since only 10 percent of the roads used are paved.



3.The Carretera Austral (Chile)


Discovering the Chilean Patagonia by bike seems to be a good option to enjoy the landscape dotted with thick forests, fjords, turquoise lakes, or snow-covered peaks. Often referred to as the “General Pinochet Trail,” this bike path is considered a paradise for cyclists!

Linking Puerto Montt to O’Higgins for more than 1,200 km, this bicycle path, which is very narrow, is a true national pride. This asphalt track for more than half of its route is punctuated by three ferry passages that operate only during the austral summer. The rest of the year, it is not possible to travel through the southern part of the Carretera.

This real adventure, almost devoid of cars, with incredible landscapes and a very warm welcome from the locals peoples, seduces many cyclists every year. However, it is very important to well for your trip.



4.Route de Shimanami (Japan)


cherry blossom



The Shimanami road, stretches about 70km from Onomichi and crosses six islands to reach Imabari. This itinerary offers several routes depending on the skill level of each person. Thus, the 70 km can be covered in one or more days.

A rental service is also available to users, so it is possible to rent a conventional or electrically assisted bicycle to make the trip. A parallel boat or car trip is also available, which leaves the choice of whether or not to make the round trip. Between crossing fishing villages, small ports, and salt pans, weather… the landscapes are very varied and offer a beautiful panorama of the tranquility of Japanese rural areas.



5.The Pamir Highway (Tadjikistan)


Pämir Highway


The cycle path on the Pamir Highway is an old market road that will satisfy cyclists eager for solitary expeditions. In a mountainous and rather desert area, this road of about 1300km with peaks sometimes reaching 4600 meters of altitude is mostly a dirt and rocky track. Meeting this sporting and personal challenge requires a great deal of preparation.

All along the way the landscapes will be breathtaking and the encounters sometimes surprising! Indeed, marmots, eagles and yaks are the only inhabitants of these territories!

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